Vail Daily letter: Leave Vail Trail alone |

Vail Daily letter: Leave Vail Trail alone

After building the Ramshorn Lodge in 1967, we frequented the Golden Peak area summer and winter with the little girls and all manner of household wildlife. The Vail Trail is a small, intimate path from the eastern edge of Golden Peak along the valley about 20 feet elevated along the side hill. You are nestled in the trees, which create an ever-changing environment. Winter, magical with a full moon; spring, newly budding aspen; summer full-blown foliage; fall, the most magical as the afternoon light dances on the changing gold and apricot leaves. Our three girls and their friends played and hiked there. They do so today with their children. In its own way, it is Vail’s own tiny High Line, a ribbon through the woods.

It showcases small pieces of local history, such as an irrigation ditch. Andy Warner built the first small bridge up behind Northwoods for a science project at Vail Mountain School. The Boy Scouts rebuilt it later and it is now an inconspicuous wood structure which blends into the woods.

To change all of this seems counterproductive. Some things don’t need improvement. To be able to walk there is unique, as there are no bikes, boards, strollers, roller blades or Segways. It is glorious. Please protect it.

Keep it as it is.

Elaine Kelton


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