Vail Daily letter: Lemonade out of lemons |

Vail Daily letter: Lemonade out of lemons

Bright Future Foundation would like to give a huge thank you to Chris and Brittany from Colorado Meat Co. in Avon. As many are aware by now, they were dealt a huge setback after their first day of business when the compressor for their refrigeration unit was stolen overnight Monday. This resulted in their fledgling business facing the question of what to do with thousands of dollars’ worth of high-quality beef, pork and lamb which could no longer be kept refrigerated and thus could not be sold. Thanks to their industrious nature and a few good friends, they were able to cook up some of the smaller cuts of meat as “free samples” in the parking lot, but they donated several larger cuts of meat to Bright Future Foundation.

For those who are not familiar with Bright Future Foundation, we are a nonprofit organization that serves victims of domestic violence and sexual assault throughout Eagle County. In addition to in-house advocacy, counseling and legal services offered at our offices in Avon, we also operate Freedom Ranch Safe House, which is the local shelter for victims of domestic violence. Because our clients’ lives are already in a state of turmoil and many times they do not have transportation to do their own grocery shopping, we try to stock Freedom Ranch with healthy foods for the families who stay there. Although we do receive food donations periodically from businesses in the community, it is rare that we receive meat/protein donations and especially not of the quality and volume of what was donated by Colorado Meat Co. As such, this meat will help to feed many families in our community who are currently in dire circumstances. It has been lovingly prepared by members of our staff (as well as some Southern relatives who happen to be visiting and were recruited to slow roast a particularly huge pork shoulder), then frozen in individual family-sized portions for easy preparation when needed.

We are very sorry that we had to meet Chris and Brittany under these circumstances, but we sincerely hope they have gained customers as a result of their attitude about the whole situation and definitely from their generosity to the community. It would have been easy to see this setback as a sign of early defeat, but in their own words they “made lemonade out of lemons” and are forging ahead. Best of luck, Colorado Meat Company, and welcome to the Vail Valley!

Sheri Mintz and Kristi Bloodworth

Bright Future Foundation

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