Vail Daily letter: Less than world-class |

Vail Daily letter: Less than world-class

I just got pushed out of a local Starbucks.

Now that I’m old and retired, I wanted to sit in the sun for a few minutes — read the papers (I got lucky and found a used New York Times). The staff wanted the blinds closed — “the sunshine hurts my eyes.” So I moved, twice, trying to accommodate them but no success. They pursued and closed the third set of blinds.

This behaviors bring to mind another complaint — you know, when staff props the door open because “it’s too hot in here.” My first thought is, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” My second thought is, “If I wanted to sit outdoors, I’d be outdoors; I’m in here because I want to be warm.”

Over the last couple of decades, I’ve noticed a general decline in service here in Happy Valley; not sure this kind of treatment/service is what can be described as world-class. We here in the Vail Valley need to pick up our pace or we will find ourselves losing our place.

Kenton Krohlow


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