Vail Daily letter: Let us skate |

Vail Daily letter: Let us skate

First, I don’t have any real facts. This is based on some conversations in the skate community here in the valley. I thought I remember an article in the Daily last year claiming some $1.6 million for building the new Vail skate park. I also remember reading the skate park was going to be finished last October. So how much did the skate park actually cost? When will the skate park actually open? When I think about the size of the Edwards skate park and the amount of excavation that went into building the bowls, I start to wonder where the money for the Vail skate park went. Edwards is at least three times the size of Vail’s. There was virtually no digging during the process of the Vail skate park — I watched them build it. Word on the street is both skate parks cost similar amounts to build? Where did the money go?

What about year round skating? I also remember talk about heating the cement. All the streets in Vail are heated, yet people building the skate park claim Vail backed out of this to save money. And the community is still waiting! The cement has been poured and ready since late October. Since then I’ve watched artwork go up, acid washing the cement, lights, and fences go up. This is taking longer than the actual building of the park. Trust me, no skateboarder cares about art being at the park. We want to skate.

I think Vail made a very poor decision on giving our money to another state. I thought Colorado supports local businesses. Has anyone heard of Team Pain Skateparks?

All together the skateboard community couldn’t be more excited to skate the new park. I just really hope that the money was spent well, which I’m really skeptical about. Vail has been paying for security to keep us out instead of paying extra labor to finish the park on time.

Kyle Nienhouse


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