Vail Daily letter: Let’s vote again |

Vail Daily letter: Let’s vote again

So, why was marijuana renamed “pot”? Could we use the word “toilet” as well?

The truth is important! Most Eagle County residents do not think pot is harmful. Buddy Sims has been studying the research since 2009. He has research from Dr. Thurman in Denver. He has European data, New Zealand data, etc. He has given permission for his email to be put in this letter. If you want to know the truth, email him and he will send you information. Email

The greatest danger to young people is while their brains are developing — ages 12 to 20. Psychosis is the term most used in the studies. Two things contribute most to people using pot: One, the belief that pot is harmless. Two, availability.

Our founding fathers stressed the importance of an informed electorate. Most of the 21,000 Eagle County electorate who voted concerning pot believe it to be harmless. Dare to take a poll and you will find this to be true.

The drug cartel did a better job of advertising than the county did in educating. Recreational marijuana sounds like fun. More accurately the term should be “brain damage marijuana.” The term social clubs should be changed to” psychotic clubs.”

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Do you know who “Old MacDonald” is? The manager of an Edwards dispensary called himself a farmer. Do the uninformed know that the pot establishments must now grow 70 percent of their product (the law)?

Many people moved to this wholesome county for wholesome activities like skiing, hiking, biking and having a clear head to soak in the beauty.

Sixteen thousand investors (second-home owners) did not get a chance to vote. Proposal: Inform the electorate and have another vote. Show up at the Oct. 29 meeting at the Eagle County building (10 a.m.) and let your opinion matter.

Barbara Allen

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