Vail Daily letter: Let’s work together |

Vail Daily letter: Let’s work together

As a former Eagle County School board member and president who served on the board at the time when ECCA was given the land for their school, I am very disheartened about the current election. I feel that there was a great deal of progress in this valley and was hopeful that the valley was moving forward in positive ways. When you have candidates advertising they are the “right way” that seems to suggest that other ways are “wrong.” There is more than one right way to do almost anything. We should work together to find the best way forward, the best way forward for everyone.

The Eagle County School Board and ECCA board should do their best to make sure they work together in positive ways. ECCA has always had great parental support and therefore great passion; if this could be more encouraged at all our schools, it would help our students. However, ECCA needs to be willing to do what is necessary to follow the terms of their charter so they are fulfilling their contract with the school district.

Education seems to elicit strong emotions, but it would be good to remember that people interested in serving on a school board are just people that think they have something to offer. I have always been told, you never know where you might get some good idea, so keep your ears and heart open so you don’t miss something great. Please always remember that someone who has different opinions is nothing more than that, not the enemy, not wrong, just different.

Wendy Kidder Becker


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