Vail Daily letter: Letter was factual |

Vail Daily letter: Letter was factual

On Sept. 12, Jim Cameron, “ex-Republican,” “independent” and my “personal critic” retorted to my article (“Sinister motives”), and labeled me as a “conspiracy theorist.” Mind you, Cameron never commented about whether or not my assertions of fact about the various treaties spawned by the UN were true or not, and in which the present administration was a party — these are facts and undisputed, notwithstanding Cameron’s personal attack on my character or the minority to which I purportedly belong; Mr. Cameron, these facts are not “Fig Newtons” of my imagination as you so eloquently put it.

When one cannot confront the facts and/or issues, he is inclined to attack the character of his adversary or one who holds a different perspective. Cameron’s silence on the verity of my rendition of the facts is a tacit admission by him that such are true, and therefore not a “theory.” In reading his retort (critique), I still do not know where or whether he differs from me on the “facts,” albeit, he obviously does not like me, since I am now pigeon holed as a “conspirator” and not “independent” like him. Does “independent” connote independent of the facts?

Cameron did get one thing right, however, in that I do want to repeal the Affordable Care Act (lock, stock and barrel), since it was indeed authored by the health insurance industry, as he alleged. This legislation was not written by our representatives in Congress. In fact, our senators and representatives did not even read it, but were duped into enacting this tragedy by a “leg” of corporate America with its self-serving and avaricious profit incentives. We are now left with another bail-out of greater proportion than that of GM, AIG or the banking cartels.

Mr. Cameron, you are obviously so obsessed by your dislike for me personally that you forget the facts that I proffer for your digestion. I would rather be a “factual” conspirator than an “independent” dupe of the insurance industry. By the way, “if you like your policy, you can keep it, period.”

Fredric Butler

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