Vail Daily letter: Liar-in-chief |

Vail Daily letter: Liar-in-chief

All in all the liar-in-chief (LIC) has had a pretty good fortnight. He set up a quasi-deal on global warming promising strict U.S. carbon reductions — which we will pay for — in exchange for something (undefined) by the Chinese 26 years from now. Heck of a deal; the eco-hysterics are orgasmic. Then he told the Aussie press that — despite more than 20 meetings at the White House, including at least one with Obama — Gruber is a low level functionary who had little to do with the strategy for Obamacare passage. Then on prime time television he starts off his “immigration speech” with three or four outright lies or twisted exaggerations about facts dealing with the recent history of people pouring across our borders. Of course he has said 19 or 20 times that he is constitutionally unable to use executive orders to “fix” immigration. But wait, his view has “evolved” (to use the words of the White House mouthpiece) and he now can do this. And besides, he is tired of waiting for the Republican House to act (I guess nobody told him he had control of both houses for two years).

Gruber repeatedly praises deceit, deception and lies as the path to passage of controversial legislation. Looks like he and the LIC have quite a lot in common. But no problem, as American voters, many of us are too stupid to catch on.

Thomas Anderson


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