Vail Daily letter: Life-saving devices

What a wonderful heartwarming letter from Lee Curtes (Letters to the Editor, Dec. 26)! A cardiac arrest in the year 2000 and a defibrillator was available back then!

Today, there are many defibrillators in Vail and Beaver Creek thanks to the efforts of the Starting Hearts organization and its founder, Lynn Blake, who was also a survivor of a cardiac arrest a few years ago when she was only 26 years old. An external defibrillator was just across the street at the fire department and CPR was performed by someone who was certified to do so, until she was defibrillated.

Today, there are many defibrillators all over Vail and Beaver Creek as well as Eagle County, thanks to the efforts of Starting Hearts and their donors. Many of them cannot be found because there is no signage near them to tell folks who are, or are not trained in CPR, where they are.

Once the signage goes up, Beaver Creek and Vail will be the safest place to have a cardiac arrest (other than airports or hospitals) especially during the World Cups.

Toby and Dr. Mort Mower

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