Vail Daily letter: Life-saving information |

Vail Daily letter: Life-saving information

My husband, Robert, was at work in Eagle on Tuesday, Dec. 29. He opened his copy of the Vail Daily to the Health section and recognized himself in the article titled, “Study: Some cardiac arrest victims ignore warning signs,” by an AP medical writer. My husband had been having subtle signs of impending trouble since the first part of November when he went hunting with our sons. Those signs were a tightness in his upper chest and shortness of breath when he walked more than a short distance or climbed a flight of stairs. He did not recognize the urgency, pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind, and did not tell me, his wife, about them either. He told himself that “he was just out of shape.”

After reading the article, he did not continue to hesitate. He immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment for the next day with a PA at Glenwood Medical Associates. On Wednesday, after an EKG, the PA, Gregg Holley, told him that what he wanted to do was “put him in a wheelchair on oxygen and wheel him right over to the emergency room.” That ER is at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, which is a very short walk from the doctor’s office. That is exactly what he did. My husband had tests which showed a 95 percent blockage in an artery which, when blocked, is called “the widowmaker.” I am including these details to show the urgency one must not ignore.

Of course, my husband should have told me about his symptoms and should have gone right to the emergency room when he first felt them. He was very lucky.

For anyone out there who has symptoms, do not ignore them! Seek medical attention now! You may not be as lucky as my husband was.

On New Year’s Eve, a stent was put into the artery, saving his life. There is no way of knowing when the impending heart attack would have happened. We live very far from emergency services and he probably would have died waiting for the ambulance if he had had a heart attack at home.

I told all the doctors and nurses about the Vail Daily article and one of them said that one other person had come to the hospital after reading the article. That life was also saved by the Vail Daily article.

Above all, we give our heartfelt thanks to PA Gregg Holley for his timely expert diagnosis and very caring attitude. Also, the doctors and nursing staff in the CCU at Valley View Hospital were wonderful. Thanks so much!

We both are very grateful and give thanks every day.

Catherine Beyer

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