Vail Daily letter: Limit retail marijuana |

Vail Daily letter: Limit retail marijuana

Is Eagle in Eagle County? When Commissioner Chandler Henry wrote her letter to the editor published Sept. 16, she said,”We’ve allocated up to six licenses in the Eagle River Valley portion of the county and two in the Roaring Fork Valley … ” I believe the public thought that the eight recreational marijuana shops Commissioner Chandler Henry and Ryan said would be in the county would include the towns as well. Would it be considered deceptive to have not stated that the number would be eight plus however many the towns allowed? If Eagle is included in the recreational marijuana shops allowed and anticipated, the count is five in Eagle Vail, two in Edwards, two in Eagle (huge 28,000 square feet approved plus the grow and sales already existing), tw in the Roaring Fork Valley. The total is 11.

On Sept. 16, I spoke with the Battle Mountain gentleman in charge of marijuana and student use. He spoke to me at least 15 minutes telling me what all was being done. At the end of the conversation, I asked him, “What do you think about recreational marijuana not being sold in Edwards?” He replied,”It would make my job easier.”

I have read and saved every article Dr. Jason Glass has written. Anyone reading his articles can see that he is exceptional, wise and dedicated. He should not have to put up with stoned kids being in the parking lot or classrooms. Memory and brain function is affected by THC. Dr. Glass is on record as having said that he prefers the 1000-foot distance from schools, which takes the sale of recreational marijuana out of Edwards!

Two recreational marijuana locations are enough in the Eagle River Valley. The 28,000-square-foot facility in Eagle is huge. Sixty-three acres is designated for pot in Eagle Vail — soon to be five shops. With two locations instead of THC scattered all over, is it logical to assume that regulation will be easier?

It can be done. Eagle County and Vail Resorts should be able to advertise that there is public safety on the ski slopes,for the bikers and for drivers. And schools should be recreational marijuana free. With the approval of several subdivisions, we need to attract families.

Barbara Allen


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