Vail Daily letter: Locals get less |

Vail Daily letter: Locals get less

Woo hoo! Now I get to pay $10 to park and get the “best experience” on a crowded bus at Beaver Creek. Let’s see — Epic Passes have increased in price every year for the last few years. On July 10 the Denver Post reported that “resort revenues reached all-time highs” (Vail was mentioned). The Vail Daily reported that Vail saw a 24 percent increase of revenue. So, why the need to charge for parking at Beaver Creek? VR spokesperson Rachael Woods says “it addresses the need to make sure Beaver Creek is offering the best experience.” What, it feels better to pay to ride a crowded bus? Over the years I have been promised a “best experience, experience of a lifetime and an experience like no place on earth,” but I have yet to experience any of these “experiences” as a local. We pay all the same fees as a visiting guest but don’t seem to get the same service. So, charge us to park and screw the local some more; the person who provides these “experiences” to the visiting guest.

P. Hughes


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