Vail Daily letter: Locals need free parking |

Vail Daily letter: Locals need free parking

Vail is said to be “Like Nothing on Earth,” but is that really true if locals have to pay $25 to $30 to park there cars for a day? There are only two parking garages in Vail, and only if they fill up can you park on the frontage road. There should be a designated free parking for locals so that they aren’t paying ridiculous amounts to park at their home resort.

Due to the high cost of parking in Vail, many families travel to other resorts to ski. In Beaver Creek there are two to three big parking lots where there is a free shuttle that takes you to the mountain. Families can save $30 a day by taking their families to Beaver Creek rather than Vail. In Copper there are also two to three free lots with a bus that comes every five minutes that takes you to the base of the resort. If Vail wants to bring more local skiers to their mountain, they need a free parking solution.

Vail might think that this is a bad idea since they make a decent amount of money on parking, but 90 percent of the year-long locals either go to another resort or have to park miles away. If Vail would put in a free parking for locals the amount of locals who ski Vail would escalate rapidly. The dread that is acquainted with parking in Vail would be diminished and then what else is there to stop locals from wanting to shred the fourth-highest rated resort in the U.S.?

This is a very easy way to bring in more locals to ski and ride Vail. If there are more people, there will be an increase in on-mountain dining profits and the profit that the shops at the base make. This simple solution will bring more money to Vail and make the locals happy. Now is Vail’s chance to bring its locals back so that they don’t leave to other resorts.

Luke Vickerman

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