Vail Daily letter: Lodge support lacking |

Vail Daily letter: Lodge support lacking

I have been following the outrage from the Cordillera community regarding the PUD interpretation to allow a treatment facility to purchase the Lodge and Spa. The homeowners keep mentioning that they will no longer be able to use this “amenity.” When did it become the Lodge and Spa’s financial obligation to provide an “amenity” to the homeowner’s? Don’t they realize they need to support the Lodge and Spa for it to be viable? Offering your home for rent on VRBO or AirBnB and then complaining that the Lodge and Spa is not successful is idiocy. You are taking away overnight guests from the Lodge and Spa, which is critical to its success as a business. If the Cordillera homeowners were serious about keeping the Lodge and Spa, the metro district would propose rules that prevent homeowners from renting their homes on these vacation rental websites and start giving that business to the “amenity” they so cherish.

Matthew Tabor


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