Vail Daily letter: Look at history |

Vail Daily letter: Look at history

Ordinarily I try not to pay any attention to the “news” or “editorial opinions” written in the Daily Fish Wrap, aka the Vail Daily. I try to limit my exposure to the drivel they publish by only looking at the movie schedule, or possibly the auto classifieds. But since the letter to editor by Robert Castellino, “Heavy footsteps,” was quoted in bold on the front page, I noticed it.

Apparently, Mr. Castellino is unaware that President Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican, created five national parks (doubling the previously existing number); signed the landmark Antiquities Act and used its special provisions to unilaterally create 18 national monuments, including the Grand Canyon; set aside 51 federal bird sanctuaries, four national game refuges, and more than 100 million acres’ worth of national forests.

Is Roosevelt too long ago? How about Nixon. Under Nixon, the Environmental Protection Agency was created, Environmental Impact Assessments became a familiar task for federal agencies, and the Clean Air Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Environmental Pesticide Control Act, and the Endangered Species Act all became law.

Still too far back? How about No. 41, George H.W. Bush. President George H.W. Bush oversaw a revival in environmental protection. The Clean Air Act was strengthened immensely under his watch, leading both to a cleanup of acid rain and a reduction in smog.

But, of course, being a Kool-Aid drinking liberal, why would Mr. Castellino want to pay any attention to facts. Facts are so confusing. Kool-Aid drinking is so much more fun. But really, Bob, Walmart and Costco? How bush league. Don’t you think we really would prefer to hang out at Nordstrom and Cartier? No, actually, we prefer to hang out in Eagle County, where we do stand in awe and reverence of nature’s beauty. In the tradition of some pretty great Republican conservative presidents.

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Donna Spinelli


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