Vail Daily letter: Look in the mirror for fault |

Vail Daily letter: Look in the mirror for fault


To all of you parents and others who are standing up for the kids who received MIPs or otherwise had a run-in with the law, get a clue. You should be embarrassed for your actions. Your kids were taking part in illegal activities and should be punished.

Had one of your kids left that party and hurt themselves or, God forbid, someone else, you would have been asking “where was the law enforcement?”

You parents are worried about your child’s eligibility to play sports or participate in school activities? You should be concerned with their safety, their choice making and how to move forward with the knowledge that your little baby isn’t a perfect angel!

Fact of the matter is the sheriff acted in a way that could have placed some distrust in the deputies, but the bottom line is that they were protecting the community.

An MIP is a misdemeanor in Colorado, requires some community service, pay a fine and possibly the loss of their license for a short time. Do you know the penalty for a DUI, or vehicular manslaughter?

Bottom line, your kids were out to have a good time like many kids before them, but they got caught. Sheriff Hoy and his team are more concerned with the safety of your children and this community than he is about how it is going to affect your child’s eligibility or community stature.

Parents, you should be embarrassed for your actions. And kids, you should be embarrassed by the response of your parents! The kids chose to party, chose to drink and therefore have to accept the consequences just the same as any other human being.

If you want to be upset with someone, it is not Sheriff Hoy and his team! You need to look in the mirror, maybe give yourself a big slap in the face, and accept the fact that your kid made a mistake.

Underage drinking is actually illegal, so they committed a crime, but however you look at it, there are only two parties responsible: you and your child.

Get off the “It is someone else’s fault” and move forward. This community always needs some help picking up trash!

Nick Pope


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