Vail Daily letter: Looking for fire information |

Vail Daily letter: Looking for fire information


I was wondering what has happened to the fire danger sign in Avon. I was also wondering why I can’t find up-to-date information on fire bans, rules and regulations for fires while camping, charcoal grills, etc. I think there needs to be a good source for this and/or public viewing boards posted at campgrounds, in town or a page in the paper with up-to-date information on this subject daily so there is no confusion and something stupid doesn’t happen.

I have been online for an hour and all I can find is a red flag warning and that’s it. I think this would be a good article for the paper and should be for many reasons.

This town is dry and the woods are getting even more dry by the day. The more educated we can all be on this subject. the better.

Jim Duffy

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