Vail Daily letter: Lorenti for mayor |

Vail Daily letter: Lorenti for mayor

This will be my last letter before the vote for Minturn mayor on April 8.

Minturn is a small town and showing off its history with a museum would be great. I would love to have some of the retired miners and railroad folks put their tools of the trade in the museum. We could do a museum, restroom, info center. Also a plaque on the outside of some of the original buildings with a picture and info on what the building used to be.

Keeping Minturn’s heritage is important, but we also need to look towards the future and plan and have a vision of what we want Minturn to look like in five, 10, 20 years. This would impact building and zoning codes now to keep with the future vision.

Minturn has been fighting against positive change for a long time and it is time we embrace change and improve Minturn. We need to respect our citizens and to treat everyone fairly.

If there is an ordinance on something, let’s take the noxious weed issue. Minturn staff should make everyone clean up their weeds, not just certain people. People need to believe again that when they take the time and energy to go to a council meeting and express a concern, that council will treat them with respect and listen to them.

We need to hold Minturn employees accountable. Currently there is not much accountability. I will work to change this.

I believe a ski lift connecting Minturn and Vail would help us a lot. People already ski the Minturn Mile. A Minturn ski area with gondola and lifts, not connected to Vail, has already been approved. Maybe a Minturn-Vail ski lift would help alleviate some of the parking issues at Golden Peak, Frontage Road, etc. This could help us get a CDOT grant for a ski lift because of the transportation, parking issues.

I will think outside the box to get things done. Looking ahead we know that Minturn will need a lot of money for infrastructure issues, so we need more revenue-generating ideas today.

A bike path connecting us to Vail and downvalley would add to more people visiting our town. People want safe bike paths. Currently it is not that safe because you have to ride on the highway to get into Minturn. People could bike from Vail to Minturn, have some lunch in our great eateries and shop in some of our unique shops and then bike safely back to Vail.

These are not radical ideas, but ideas that reflect positive change to help make Minturn a more family and business friendly town.

We need a good grant writer to get us grants to help offset any costs associated with these ideas. Some grants are a couple years out, so we need to submit them now, and not wait any longer than needed.

There are more ideas at

So there ya go. Plenty of positive reasons to vote for Frank Lorenti for Minturn mayor on April 8.

At the last Minturn Council meeting on April 2, Shelley Bellm, Minturn council member, admitted, on the record, that Minturn Council is unfair, indecisive and she laid into our current mayor, Hawkeye, as being unfair and thinking that he is above the law. It was a great night for me to hear her finally, officially confirm everything I have been saying for years, that Minturn is being run unfairly and unethically.

I appreciate the guts it took for Shelley to final admit these things to the Minturn citizens.

As I have said before, no excuses. Vote before or after work. If you want positive change and fairness in Minturn, take a few minutes out of your day and vote for Frank Lorenti for Minturn mayor.

Frank Lorenti


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