Vail Daily letter: Lorenti for mayor |

Vail Daily letter: Lorenti for mayor

I have placed my name on the ballot for Minturn mayor and am hoping for your vote on April 8.

Minturn needs positive change and a mayor that is honest and fair. I believe that the citizens and businesses in Minturn need support. One thing is we need to keep water rates down, which keep going up.

Minturn needs a mayor that will tell the truth. Our current mayor, Hawkeye, claims we are getting a recreation center. This is false. Minturn gave $1 million to VSSA for a weight room. No pool, no basketball court, no gymnastic center, etc. It will be a state-of-the-art weight room for athletes and which we can use for a high membership fee. But in no way can it be called a recreation center. So it would be nice if the mayor could tell us the truth and not try to con us into believing that we are getting a good deal for our million dollars.

Remember, Hawkeye promised us $180 million during the Ginn and Dean Adler Battle Mountain project fiasco. I said no way. I was right and he was wrong.

I will tell you the facts whether you agree with them or not. I will not con you or lie to you about what is going on in Minturn.

Our current mayor wants people to clean up noxious weeds, as listed with the USDA, on their property. Here is a quote from a council meeting minutes: “Hawkeye encouraged the property owners to clean up their property and attend to their weeds.” But he is the biggest violator of noxious weeds and a dilapidated trailer. See pictures on my website at

Hawkeye is a renter in Minturn. That is right. The only property he owns is the vacant lot with weeds and a dilapidated trailer that he refuses to clean up. I showed pictures of his property at a council meeting and he just laughed. These USDA-listed noxious weeds blow onto and contaminate neighboring properties. Hawkeye has no respect for his neighbors and no pride in Minturn.

Enough is enough in Minturn.

We need a mayor that promotes respect and honesty and fairness. I will be honest and fair in interpreting the codes and ordinances in Minturn. Building permits are currently approved by who you are and not by code. This is not fair to neighboring property owners.

Snowplowing is another issue. Currently the town plows snow onto private property, on people’s fences, against their houses, etc.

Town has no respect for private property. I can plainly see these issues just driving down Main Street.

There is much more and I urge any Minturn citizen that has questions or ideas or concerns to please contact me at

My No. 1 priority along with getting back to the basics of respect will be getting something going to generate income for Minturn — ski lift is one idea.

Vote for Frank Lorenti for Minturn mayor.

Frank Lorenti


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