Vail Daily letter: Loria for Avon council

Having worked for Angelo Loria for the past decade, I can confidently say that his talents are sorely needed on the Avon Town Council. I supposed I should now list all his fine attributes, explain how he loves his family, the outdoors and apple pie. Instead, let’s skip the fluff and I’ll tell you a little story: Last year it came out that all the big town of Avon construction contracts were going to Evans Chaffee Construction, and Chris Evans and his employee, Todd Goulding, were sitting on the council despite living in East Vail and Edwards (respectively). This stunk to high heaven and produced a flurry of complaints. What did Angelo do? He called Chris Evans directly and asked for his explanation. Mr. Evans was incredulous and stated that Angelo was the only one who had bothered to personally ask him what was going on.

Of course the explanation he received was less than satisfactory, but the point is, does Avon need more sheep, or does it need take-charge leaders who are not afraid to tackle issues head on? Angelo’s run for council is based only on his selfless concerns about the current state of affairs. Hopefully, the voters of Avon will do themselves a favor and elect Angelo Loria.

Chris Mech

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