Vail Daily letter: Lost revenue |

Vail Daily letter: Lost revenue

Your coverage of the Eagle/Vail airport reads like a press release from the county. As a frequent customer of the airport I can attest that it is a good news story. However, it fails to mention the lost opportunity that significantly penalizes Eagle residents and customers of the Eagle/Vail airport. The airport provides significant service to general aviation and in the case of Eagle/Vail, this general aviation is in the form of multi-million dollar private jets that pay nothing to land at our airport. Even Aspen airport charges a landing fee. It would not take much for your reporter to establish the number of general aviation landings over the last 10 years and apply the appropriate Aspen landing fee. I would bet the lost revenue approaches $250,000.

Before the airport charges for parking, it should be adopting a landing fee for all general aviation. This revenue should be restricted to improvements in the airports facilities or to enhance the commercial service to other airports.

John Lombardi


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