Vail Daily letter: Love for Linda |

Vail Daily letter: Love for Linda

Her name is Linda Hatton and she is a miracle!! That’s the only way to describe the chain of events that took place on Tuesday, April 7. Linda, a valley native who has been at Eagle Valley High School for over 20 years, is the “go to” person and helping hand wherever it’s needed, whether at the school or in the community.

Early the morning of April 7, Linda woke up not feeling well. She notified EVHS staff she wouldn’t be in, then before her and her husband Dale could leave their drive Linda went into cardiac arrest. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later.

During the ambulance ride and upon arrival at Valley View Hospital Linda was administered CPR and shocked with a defibrillator. For two and a half hours they worked on her, reviving her and trying to stabilize her. Her blood pressure and heart rate eventually stabilized but she was on a ventilator and in a coma. Her ribs were broken, her lungs bruised, and she had a broken sternum. Two days went by; finally on Thursday she came out of a coma and the cardiologist said it was a miracle. On Friday they found a blocked artery and a stent was placed.

She remained on the ventilator for 14 days. Her oxygen levels fluctuate and she remains on oxygen. She went home three weeks and one day after her heart attack. The ambulance crew, the doctors, nurses, and staff of Valley View Hospital were all part of the miracle that returned life to Linda that day. They are amazed at her progress so far and her gritty determination to get better. Linda and Dale appreciate these professionals and are so very thankful to them.

Linda is still on oxygen and has a long, hard road ahead. She goes to cardiac and lung rehabilitation and doctors appointments several times a week in Glenwood Springs. She doesn’t know when she’ll be able to return to work but hopes to be off oxygen and strong enough in the next few months. She needs the support of her community until she can get back on her feet. Please consider contributing to an account, Love for Linda (checks made to Dale Hatton or Heather Warren), set up at ANB (American National Bank) in Eagle.

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