Vail Daily letter: Loved the column |

Vail Daily letter: Loved the column

Loved the column

Re: Michael Balk’s “Let’s come home and stay home”:

Mr. Balk has written one of the wisest pieces I have read in a long time. Some of his brilliant thoughts are:

• “When we involve ourselves in the political affairs of third world countries, we really do not know what we are doing.”

• “We need North American energy independence.” “Yes, regulate stringent safety requirements, but keep it (the Keystone Pipeline) moving.” “Ditto for fracking, horizontal drilling, and offshore drilling. These can be replaced over time as alternate energy technology improves, but we need them now.”

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• “Hamas in Gaza not only wants to destroy Israel but also wants to impose a Sunni Islamic state on the Palestinians.” “Israel has an orthodox faction that believes that God runs some kind of divine real estate title company with particular emphasis on the allocation of tribal land in the Eastern Mediterranean … .” “With this combination of blood-thirsty lunatics and religious fanatics, with rational moderates hiding under the table … .”

• “What we are weary of … is expending lives, money, and international goodwill in continuing to try to sort out the madhouse that is the Middle East.”

Mr. Balk (in my opinion, and I have told him repeatedly over the years) was the smartest attendee at the Vail Valley Institute. His thoughts on immigration, possibility of democracy in Muslim countries, government policy, free enterprise, etc. were always the best.

The beauty of Mr. Balk’s current piece is that he picks no political favorites. He does not seek to inflame one side against the other. He simply gives many reasons to leave troubled countries around the world and stay home.

What a shame that our dithering politicians of every stripe in Washington do not have the intelligence of Mr. Balk.

Peter S. Mackechnie


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