Vail Daily letter: Lyme Disease awareness |

Vail Daily letter: Lyme Disease awareness

Have you ever been bit by a tick? Did you know that every tick is a cesspool of bacteria, parasites and viruses? While you might not show immediate signs of infection like a bull’s-eye rash or flu like symptoms, you may have been infected with Lyme Disease or a bunch of other nasty illnesses.

Most people with Lyme Disease never even remember their tick bite. They never show symptoms, but years or even decades later are crippled with diseases. We now know that Lyme can be transmitted from mother to child in the womb, it may be sexually transmitted and the blood supply is horribly tainted. (I’ve donated gallons over the years not knowing I had Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella.)

While we call it Lyme Disease, it’s probably better called MSIDS — Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome. The bacteria, parasites and viruses affect every system in your body creating autoimmune issues, allergies, and neurological symptoms. Many people diagnosed with MS, ALS, lupus, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s have MSIDS at the root of their illness. Getting evaluated by a trained Lyme doctor is important to getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The key to preventing a lifetime of debilitating and crippling disease is to prevent tick bites and proactively treat every tick bite with antibiotics. A few months of antibiotics is much safer than the hell you endure with untreated or under-treated tick bites.

To prevent tick bites it is best to spray your clothes with Permethrin. Permethrin will stay on clothing through several washings. Spray any exposed skin with 100 percent Deet.

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If you need more information about tick bites or to find a Lyme doctor near you visit If you have Lyme, I’d love to hear from you:

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