Vail Daily letter: Make it a real discussion |

Vail Daily letter: Make it a real discussion

Re: Dana Sprott Cunningham letter: We can have a real discussion, but it needs to be an honest one, too. To start, Ms.Cunningham accuses O’Reilly and Limbaugh of making a career out of racism. Has she ever listened to them on the radio, and if so, how frequently? Does she know that the racism merchant Al Sharpton had dinner with O’Reilly last year. At that dinner Sharpton told O’Reilly that his charity was doing poorly and didn’t have money for Christmas. O’Reilly gave him a check for $25,000 to help him. Some racist!

How about an honest discussion about Al Sharpton, who stood behind Twana Brawley and her false allegations of rape? (Where is his apology?) He makes a lot of money stirring up the race pot.

Before anyone starts to say I’m racist for writing this limited reply, please take into account the number of indigent kids (many of whom are African-American) I have treated over my 30-year career either for free or significantly reduced charge.

Robert Ford


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