Vail Daily letter: Make yourself visible |

Vail Daily letter: Make yourself visible

As a resident of Chamonix Lane, I can empathize with folks who think many drivers speed on our lovely lane in West Vail. But perhaps just as dangerous are the number of pedestrians on Chamonix Lane who don’t carry headlamps after dark!

I can attest to a number of situations where I rounded a corner on Chamonix Lane, only to find a couple dancing in the middle of the street, or crossing the road with their dog, with no reflective gear and no flash lights. I am a careful driver, so I am able to slow down appropriately and avoid these folks — but this could have been a recipe for disaster!

As a Chamonix Lane resident, I urge my fellow West Vail neighbors to be smart! If you’re taking an after-dark walk to City Market, Safeway, or any of the fine establishments in West Vail, please wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight so that motorists can see you. It’s the safe, responsible thing to do to share the road.

Benjamin Gadberry


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