Vail Daily letter: Marching against Monsanto |

Vail Daily letter: Marching against Monsanto


Re: Sally Becker: “Here in our fair valley, not a word was mentioned.” 

I don’t know where you were on Saturday afternoon. I was marching against Monsanto in Edwards with 24 other adults, plus a few kids. It was great!    

The Daily’s little quote at the top of A6 in Thursday’s paper is a shining example of what mainstream media does to mislead the public. Yes, the majority of the food we find is modified — however, not genetically! We have been selecting plants and animals based on traits we find desirable for our entire history, and therefore changing it from its original form. The definition of genetically modified at the most basic level is placing a gene from species into a gene of another. It is actually transgenic modification, and it is a completely different situation!

Monsanto has been poisoning people since 1901 with aspartame, PCBs, Agent Orange, DDT, rBGH and more. Countries outside the United States know how damaging (trans)genetically modified food is and have banned the company, its seeds, etc. There is scientific proof! 

The bottom line is that it is sickening what our politicians are doing in support of corporations and not the public they represent.

Lisa Kraft 


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