Vail Daily letter: Marijuana and public safety |

Vail Daily letter: Marijuana and public safety

Mr. Rietmann (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 11),

I sent a letter to the editor on Oct. 10. In it, I express tremendous respect for medical marijuana. You have not read all of my letters or you would know this.

As Americans, we have the right to disagree with officials, elected or selected. I have tried to keep my letters “factual.” You refer to my being “personal” toward Commissioner Chandler Henry. If you will send a letter to the editor with evidence of my being personal, I will publicly apologize.

Commissioner Chandler-Henry acknowledged in her Oct. 16 letter to the editor that deceitful Ballot 64 only said “yes.” Yes, recreational marijuana should be legal — nothing more! The proclamation to have eight recreational marijuana shops in the county, including two in Edwards, came from Chandler-Henry and Ryan, not the voters. Considering that there are 11 schools in Edwards, Colorado Mountain College traffic, Colorado Mountain Express traffic, and traffic for the many businesses, doesn’t this indicate future fatalities if combined with impaired driving? In 2012, the vehicular traffic was 4 million a year on Highway 6, 5 million on the access road.

As far as working toward a safe community and for the protection of young minds, I am. If recreational marijuana is sold in two locations, Eagle and Eagle-Vail (this side of the canyon) instead of being scattered all over, public safety and protection of the young will be enhanced.

Barbara Allen


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