Vail Daily letter: Marijuana and young people |

Vail Daily letter: Marijuana and young people

In Commissioner Chandler-Henry’s letter dated Sept. 16, the first two paragraphs were about being a responsible parent and protector of public safety. Those statements fall on deaf ears and the youth especially are not fooled. No commissioner will be believed who allows the sale of recreational marijuana in Edwards!

Actions speak louder than words and the words about marijuana regulation came 11 months after Oct. 2, when the proclamation was made about eight shops opening in the county (including Edwards). Is it not interesting how the regulation idea is about 50 days before Chandler Henry hopes to be elected?

The sale of recreational marijuana in Edwards by Chandler-Henry reveals a heart and mind that is really not committed to either youth or public safety. How much closer do the deaths need to come? The coroner’s report showed the skier who died in the avalanche had THC in his system. Was he impaired? Eagle Valley’s coach and the driver tested positive for THC.

No one, Kathy Chandler-Henry, will consider you sincere about regulation if you stubbornly continue to insist on the sale of recreational marijuana in Edwards. It appears that you want the money from the sales. It can be proven that you said, “They are going to use anyway.”

There are approximately 3,396 students in Edwards, plus 4,500 in CMC, plus the future students coming from the 577 homes in Wolcott.

The title of your letter, Kathy Chandler Henry, was “Regulating, monitoring marijuana.” This title shows you have no understanding. The word left out was educating! How have the anti-tobacco organizations been so successful? The public is constantly being bombarded and educated with the dangers of tobacco! The CVS pharmacy has just announced that it will no longer sell cigarettes. Real concern will be recognized.

Barbara Allen


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