Vail Daily letter: Marijuana and young people |

Vail Daily letter: Marijuana and young people

In my letter to the editor which was printed Aug. 7, I referred to two elected females who will allow marijuana to be sold near the young because they said the young are going to use marijuana anyway! One female is at the county level, the other at the town level.

Both are going to be asked to send a message to the young by having the sale of marijuana at a greater distance from their schools. If these two women do the right thing, their names will not be revealed in the paper.

As you enter the County Building, notice the reference about the strength and integrity of Eagle County citizens. Those of you in Eagle County who have strength and integrity or at least are striving for the two (like me), please turn on your computers and watch the Minturn Town Council citizen input August 6. People of strength and integrity spoke passionately to the council members about recreational marijuana.

Barbara Allen

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