Vail Daily letter: Mason, Cleveland for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Mason, Cleveland for Vail council

I recently attended the Town Council candidate Forum. The Republican Party would be delighted to have this array of talented and articulate candidates.

Please support Jen Mason in her candidacy for Town Council. With the impressive experiences of all the candidates, none has done more for the town of Vail in recent past. Jen manages the Ford Amphitheater, bringing her into the daily politics of Vail. In addition, Ford is an economic stimulus for the entire town and county. Her management balance of working with ushers to artists has created an environment at the amphitheater that has never been as amicable, successful and well-attended as during her tenure.

Her management skills are further on display in being instrumental in bringing the Teva games to Vail. When Teva pulled out, Jen was quintessential in supplanting them with GoPro. Since then, they have moved forward, becoming an even more important economic stimulus to Vail and serving as the kick-off of the summer tourist season.

Jen’s energy and enthusiasm were also utilized and monetized during “2015” in her capacity with the foundation. 2015 drew accolades from all over the world and her involvement in the timing and execution of the events was a key element.

Jen represents a new and invigorating generation and gender to Vail’s government.

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In light of the last comment, I would also endorse the election of Dick Cleveland. Dick brings to the council a nice mix, admittedly in contrast to Jen, but a wealth of experience and an unparalleled knowledge of our community. Anyone who attended the Dobson forum could not help but be impressed at Dick’s responses during Q and A.

All candidates expressed that this is a key election for Vail’s future. They are indeed correct, but then again, isn’t that always the case?

Steve Katz

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