Vail Daily letter: Mayne for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Mayne for commissioner

What better qualifications for commissioner could someone have than those of Dick Mayne? Dick has worked within the town of Gypsum government for over 20 years as well as living all his life in Eagle County. He has helped to build Gypsum into a true community and a model of how towns in our county should operate.

Dick Mayne has longtime experience in areas vital to the workings and continued excellence of Eagle County. Let me give a few examples of Dick’s experience and I think you will see their relation to the duties of a county commissioner:

• Water: As a rancher and council member, Dick has worked with and knows water. Gypsum is currently in the process of constructing a 947-acre-foot reservoir to ensure water availability for the residents in drought years. This came about through Dick’s guidance with negotiations to obtain this right. His experience will help with the statewide Colorado Water Plan. It will help us to keep our water and our stream flows in Eagle County.

• Development: Dick has helped define development and growth as Gypsum has more than doubled in size over the last 20 years. He has helped make Gypsum the most affordable place to live and at the same time has helped to provide the best recreation center in the county, the least expensive golf course, a shooting sports facility, ballfields, a town hall and a new public library, All this has been done within the town budget and with a sense of openness and community.

• Law enforcement: As Gypsum grew, it was necessary to increase our law enforcement. Rather than creating our own police force, Dick has seen that consolidation and cooperation with the Sheriff’s Office gets the town what it needs, saves money, and doesn’t duplicate effort. This is an experience that can help the county consolidate services and make funds go further.

• Conservation: When a developer proposed 95 acres of land on the west side of Gypsum Creek be put into their development plan, Dick was one of the first to see that this land was critical to wildlife reaching Gypsum Creek and that land is now in a conservation easement protecting its valuable wildlife habitat. He is familiar with land in Eagle County and knows the value of land protection for viewsheds, wildlife and outdoor recreation.

• Economic development: One of the critical issues facing Eagle County today is that of year-round sustainable jobs. Dick has been a promoter of the town’s economic development plan and has worked with new businesses, including Costco and the Gypsum biomass plant, to provide an environment that is business friendly and yet meets the requirements of the town. This is the kind of guidance the county needs as it works with the Vall Valley Economic Council to promote appropriate businesses for the county.

Dick Mayne is the candidate who possesses the experience necessary to guide Eagle County. I urge you to vote for him. .

Steve Carver

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