Vail Daily letter: Mayne for commissioner

Dick Mayne has over 20 years of expertise serving on the Gypsum Town Council and making decisions that have moved the town forward year after year until it has become one of the best-run towns in Eagle County. Dick has shown his expertise in guiding the community to grow wisely, not lamenting the historic past of ranching but embracing planned growth in Gypsum that has provided the most economical housing in the valley while at the same time protecting our river corridors and expanding our water rights. He has helped to make Gypsum a community where young families can afford to live and have outstanding recreational opportunities from ball fields and a golf course to a recreation center and a responsible shooting sports facility.

One of the growing issues facing Eagle County and the Western Slope is water. Dick Mayne has dealt with water all his life and is one of the experts on our council when it comes to water issues. The Colorado Water Plan will affect all of us in Eagle County and I want someone with years of experience on water issues to represent our county for input relevant to this issue.

Coming from town government, Dick understands how towns think and how to partner with them to promote cooperative efforts that will benefit towns and metro districts and be cost effective at the same time. He has worked within the town budget to promote and provide opportunities for businesses to succeed and thrive in Gypsum. He will do the same with Eagle County.

Dick worked with our staff and council during the recession and helped provide guidance that allowed us to operate under our existing revenue without any cuts in town staffing. He is responsible fiscally.

All of the above attributes — governmental experience, budgeting, water knowledge, business promotion and town staffing issues — have prepared Dick Mayne for the county commissioner position. A vote for Dick Mayne is a vote to provide experienced leadership for Eagle County.

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Tom Edwards


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