Vail Daily letter: McConnell for state House

I am endorsing Chuck McConnell to represent Routt and Eagle counties in the Colorado House of Representatives District 26.

Two important issues come to my mind immediately — guns and alternative energy. In 2013, her first legislative session, Diane Mitsch Bush voted for three of four controversial gun-control bills. All four passed with no Republican votes and were signed by Gov. Hickenlooper.

Those bills were, and remain, controversial. The bills cost three state senators from Mitsch Bush’s party their jobs. The bills also motivated MagPul, a company that makes firearms magazines, to leave Colorado and take their 200 jobs with them.

Despite the strong controversy, Mitsch Bush remains an entrenched defender of those laws — laws which are unenforceable and only function to restrict gun ownership by law-abiding citizens. Criminals intent on robbery or murder can bypass the laws by purchasing guns on our large city street corners.

Mitsch Bush also voted for a bill (Senate Bill 13-252) that increases alternative-energy requirements for rural utilities. That bill, pushed by Front Range representatives, was opposed by many rural newspapers and politicians. It was ultimately passed into law. Mitsch Bush clearly voted against the interests of her district on that law.

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Mitsch Bush voted with her Democrat, Front Range leadership on 29 of 30 tax and fee-increasing regulations and expansions of government bills in 2014. Any claim of bipartisanship in Colorado’s Democrat controlled House, Senate and governor’s office is just not valid.

Mitsch Bush believes government is the answer to most all problems, real or perceived. Her experience has little value if she fails to vote the wishes of her district and lends credence to the title “professional politician.”

I like McConnell, whose career has included working as an engineer and a business manager. A vote for McConnell is a vote for less government. He would be a strong, smart, positive voice for District 26.

My choice is clear. McConnell has already made alliances with West Slope and other rural legislators even as an unelected contender. In the Colorado Assembly, where the majority will come from the heavily populated Front Range, it is important to have a person who will work with a cohort of like-minded legislators whose districts have common needs to speak as one strong voice for the benefit of their constituents. Chuck McConnell will be this legislator.

Randy Milhoan


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