Vail Daily letter: McConnell for state House |

Vail Daily letter: McConnell for state House

My father, Chuck McConnell, is running for state House of Representatives to represent Eagle and Routt counties.

One of the things he values most is finding real solutions to real problems. His sincerity in that regard doesn’t fall into the category of “business as usual” in the realm of politics. I remember an incident when he worked in the energy business where he had a choice between doing what was right for himself politically and doing what was right for the stockholders of the company. He chose “the little old lady whose retirement plan might be adversely affected” without regard for his own gain.

This is the person you should hire, with your vote, to represent Eagle County. A problem solver who cares about the people he truly works for, which are the people he represents.

I am his daughter. He raised me to be whatever I wanted to be. I have become a professional musician because of this belief that I could do anything I set my mind to. His concern for the success and welfare of women is proven in the fact that I get to play principal flute in a professional orchestra and teach at a university. A vote for my father is a vote for results.

Lory Zuptich

St. Joseph, Mo.

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