Vail Daily letter: McConnell for state House |

Vail Daily letter: McConnell for state House

My name is Jack Taylor, and I had the privilege of serving Eagle and Routt counties in the Colorado House of Representatives for eight years and in the Colorado Senate for eight years. I live in Steamboat Springs and urge the people of Eagle and Routt counties to vote for Chuck McConnell for the Colorado House of Representatives District 26.

I have known Chuck for many years and worked closely with him on several issues important to our counties and state. I know him to be a very hard worker, a quick study and a person willing to work on all sides of issues to solve problems to achieve consensus. He insists on getting input from all sides and stakeholders and listens to differing opinions.

I believe Chuck’s experience in large and small companies is a perfect match to achieve the goals that are critical to all of Colorado. His focus during this campaign has been job creation and strengthening our economy. I know from direct experience that successful business people bring applicable knowledge to debates on legislation intended to help job creation. Chuck is a common sense, successful businessman with two degrees in chemical engineering and has served many years of leadership in the energy industry. He has signed both sides of checks in his extensive managerial positions, which have included budgets of all sizes.

Chuck has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business — “the voice of small business” — in recognition of his business experience and his campaign’s strong commitment to jobs and the economy.

Northwest Colorado needs an experienced leader with common sense and business experience to bring real world experience to new job creation. We need a legislator dedicated to keeping government small and out of our private lives. We need a leader with the experience to recognize wasteful spending and fight to eliminate it. This leader is Chuck McConnell, and I urge you to vote for Chuck by Nov. 4 to represent us in the Colorado House of Representatives District 26. Thank you for your consideration.

Jack Taylor

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