Vail Daily letter: McMichael for Gypsum |

Vail Daily letter: McMichael for Gypsum

I write this letter with this preface — my husband has no idea that I have written this. He will only find out if someone tells him about it. If he knew that I was writing this he would not let me put this letter out there.

Tim McMichael is one of seven people running for the three open council positions. He has been on the council for 14 years. Some might say “it is time for a change,” though I wouldn’t understand why. The current council has been a loyal crew and has helped to make Gypsum what it is today.

Some might ask,” Why vote for Tim McMichael?” My husband doesn’t think that he should go out to campaign. He feels that, if no one knows and understands what he and the council have done and he doesn’t get re-elected, then that’s how it goes. I, however, disagree (the cheerleader in me can’t help it!) I firmly believe that you can’t vote unless you are properly informed! So here goes!

Tim McMichael:

• Is one of the main champions (though others have claimed the title) for bringing Gypsum a rec center.

• Is responsible, largely, for the purchase of our own golf course.

• Costco? Oh, yeah! And in Gypsum? Of course!

• He reads every document that comes through for the town and goes 30 minutes early to meetings to make sure there is nothing new to read over.

• He has missed very few meetings and even schedules our vacations around them whenever possible.

• He works in Aspen, but makes sure that he is home in time for any meeting be it the regular or any special meetings necessary for the position.

• He has been working, tirelessly, to make Gypsum pretty. Did he make a statement about Gypsum not being so? Yep! Do you know why? Those of you that know or asked him do. I’ll share … he knows that in order to get more business here you have to make it attractive. Plus, who wants to live in an unattractive town? He also knows and feels that we as taxpayers should get the best of the best. That means more shopping and restaurants.

I am only listing a few items of what he does or has done for you, the town of Gypsum residents. He really has taken on the role of an advocate for what we, the citizens, need and want. He will continue to do so as long as you will let him. Your town council makes decisions about your quality of life, though most people never attend the meetings. It is a position that is very important and makes very big decisions about how our lives continue on day-to-day, yet most of us don’t realize it.

So, I hope that on Tuesday, April 8, you will go out and vote. And I hope that you will give me as well as Tim McMichael the honor of your vote.

Melanie McMichael


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