Vail Daily letter: McQueeney for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: McQueeney for commissioner

Have you voted yet? Please submit your ballot today! It may already be too late to mail, so hand deliver to Eagle or Avon. Ballots are due Nov 4.

I would encourage you to vote for Jeanne McQueeney for county commissioner. There are many reasons to vote for Jeanne, and I will highlight one important reason. Jeanne values citizen engagement in decision making. For example, Jeanne participates in numerous coalitions that find shared vision to address challenges. She initiated the Family Leadership Training Institute, which empowers emerging leaders find their voice. I’ve spent many days door knocking with Jeanne in this campaign and at each door she asks for ideas to make Eagle County better.

Jeanne is a leader who is accessible to all. Your ideas and input into decisions will be sought, heard and valued. If you are passionate about an issue, Jeanne will find means for you to bring your idea and passion to fruition.

Please vote, and please vote for Jeanne McQueeney.

Beth Reilly

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