Vail Daily letter: McQueeney for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: McQueeney for commissioner

I have tremendous respect for both candidates running for Eagle County commissioner in the Democratic primary. They both have a strong commitment to the philosophy of the Democratic Party and history of public service. Jeanne McQueeney has the experience and skill set necessary to serve as commissioner, and I will mail my ballot, by June 22, indicating my vote for Jeanne McQueeney. I have served on the Board of Education with Jeanne since 2007, and I have seen her wisdom and guidance as a leader in our community. She has experience overseeing the school district budget which is larger than the county’s with more employees. The school district manages land holdings similar to the county and operates using policy governance which the county has recently adopted. During difficult budget cuts, Jeanne kept our board focused on student achievement and prioritizing support for students, teachers and schools. This process displayed Jeanne’s ability to make tough decisions, and remain positive, so the school district could focus on increasing student achievement.

I respect the time Jeanne is taking while campaigning to invite participation from voters to learn their concerns and what qualities they value in a county commissioner. The feedback she is gathering will be invaluable to her in the role of commissioner. I am confident Jeanne’s intelligence and integrity will enable her to make wise decisions that will benefit our community. I encourage you to vote for Jeanne McQueeney for Eagle County commissioner.

Carrie Benway

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