Vail Daily letter: Meeting the larger needs |

Vail Daily letter: Meeting the larger needs

There are a great many people in this county, and around the country, who work hard to give presents during the holidays to the poorer members of the community, and to have food available at community kitchens year-round. What really puzzles me is that many of these same people vote for the congressional members who would like to kill Social Security, food stamps, and many other government programs that make life better for those with lower incomes.

I was talking to a woman in a local shop a while ago, and during the conversation she expressed, strongly, how important early childhood education is. Then, she admitted she had voted for those who would like to wipe out Head Start, a program that has been proven of great value. She added that she wished these politicians would change their minds. The thought of voting for someone of another political party never seemed to cross her mind.

I suggest that each thinking voter gets into, where you can find the voting records of every single national politician and can filter the info to your own interests. And I would hope that those in our county who are so kind and giving will think about the larger needs, for which we need the state and federal governments. The private sector simply does not have the wherewithal to supply all that is necessary.

Katherine Delanoy


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