Vail Daily letter: Mehrnia for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Mehrnia for district attorney

Having spent over 12 years as a law enforcement officer in Summit County, I have worked in multiple capacities, which included the last six years in investigations. I have worked closely with the District Attorney and Deputy District Attorneys on multiple cases. I have also worked closely with multiple defense attorneys in a law enforcement capacity.

I met Sanam Mehrnia when she first came to Summit County as a defense attorney, and from the moment I met her she was extremely professional. She always had the right interests in mind, and that is justice, whether that meant that her client was accountable for what they had done or that she was dedicated to proving that her client was not responsible for what they were being investigated for. I, as a law enforcement officer, always believed that a defense attorney was only in it for the money and tended to be dishonest. However, Sanam was always honest, compassionate and exceeded my expectations.

I have also had the misfortune of experiencing the other side of the criminal justice system. However, I was fortunate to have Sanam dedicated to the best interests of justice. The criminal justice system is a slow process that tends to put people’s lives on hold for extended periods of time. Poor investigating can lead to quite the interruption of someone’s live. You can go from a productive member of society to some who struggles to just get by. This is due to poor initial investigations, poor charging and sometimes poor legislation.

What I will tell you is Sanam is passionate about her job, she truly believes in justice. She would expect a lot more from everyone around her and would never pursue anything for publicity. Sanam is a very empathetic person and I was very lucky to have her in my corner. It would be a loss to everyone to not have someone with her dedication to justice as the Fifth Judicial District Attorney.

Jared Dennis


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