Vail Daily letter: Miller for surveyor |

Vail Daily letter: Miller for surveyor

We would like to pass along our support for Kelly Miller for county surveyor. The position of county surveyor is one elected official that party affiliation should not be considered when casting a vote. This is a position that requires experience, good organizational skills and outstanding ethics.

Kelly has over 40 years of land surveying experience. Kelly is currently serving as our deputy county surveyor. He is employed by the Eagle County Engineering Department as a Colorado professional licensed surveyor. His duties already make him familiar with the office of county surveyor. His office is located in the Eagle County Administration Building, where all of the survey records and plats are currently filed. The resources that Kelly would need for this position are already at his finger tips for timely responses.

The elected county surveyor is provided a benefit package from Eagle County. Being that Kelly is currently a county employee and he receives these benefits already, this would be a savings of plus or minus $20,000 in benefits. In the event that Kelly checks deposited subdivision plats, this would amount on average to $15,000 in fees that would remain in the general fund. Annually this is a savings of $35,000 to Eagle County taxpayers.

Over the last six years, Kelly Miller and acting County Surveyor Dan Corcoran greatly improved our land survey plat recording system. As of Oct. 10, all of our plats are now scanned to TIFF files and easily accessed by the public on the county website. This was a huge undertaking but will prove to be a great time saver for Eagle County surveyors and the public. Previously, you could easily spend two or three hours of your day driving to Eagle and researching these plats.

Kelly does not have a private practice in Eagle County and has no personal clients or special interests. This allows him to be truly non-biased to all professional surveyors and working in Eagle County. He has continually helped all surveyors obtain the records they need to properly complete their surveys and his door is always open for professional advice.

Please vote this election, and the only logical vote for county surveyor is the one that is most familiar with the position and has the most resources readily available. Please vote Kelly Miller.

Brent Biggs, Sam Ecker, Mike Post, Dan Corcoran, John Fee and Dan Emrich

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