Vail Daily letter: Minturn chickens come to roost |

Vail Daily letter: Minturn chickens come to roost


I love it when everything I have been saying about Minturn Town Council being unfair comes out.

At a recent council meeting a past council member, Tom Sullivan, spoke about how Minturn was wrong in enforcing building codes against him when the new building inspector made him tear down a new fence that Tom admitted was too high.

He cited examples of other people who had fences over the height limit, even our town manager’s fence.

He then claimed that Home Depot sells stock fence material over Minturn’s height limit, and because the ground is not flat it is impossible to stay within the building code.

He then went on to read from the code book on another subject and claimed that he was right and council was wrong.

The reason I have no sympathy for when Tom whines about Minturn being unfair is because when he was on the council and when I read from the code books, Tom basically said that council can do what they want.

When I had also asked why the speed limit in town was not enforced, Tom said that he did not want Minturn to be known as a speed trap.

Never mind about our kids’ safety.

So it seems that even a past council member has now publicly and on the record claimed that Minturn Town Council doesn’t follow the codes fairly and judges each person separately.

So for any other past Minturn council member who has the audacity to complain and whine about Minturn being unfair, please sit back down and be quiet. You have all treated people unfairly.

I will hold you accountable.

But Tom, thanks for whining this time because it proves how correct I have been all these years about the unfairness in Minturn.

Now Tom, go buy a saw and a measuring tape for your next project. You should have enough money for those since you made millions selling your property to the Battle Mountain developer, Dean Adler, during his annexation process when you were on council.

You should not have been part of that process, but you refused to step down.

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