Vail Daily letter: Minturn marijuana

I have had some good questions asked of me, for why I, Frank Lorenti, should be mayor in Minturn. I will not sidestep any issue and I will be outspoken — you will know my views and I will be fair.

Here is my view on marijuana in Minturn. Minturn citizens voted to allow it, as well as Colorado citizens. So any elected official should abide by the wishes of the citizens and control and regulate and tax marijuana. Minturn has high rate of smokers and growers already. Burying our head in the sand and not accepting this fact is not a responsible way to address this issue.

The town refuses to drug test employees even after town employees have been involved in an accident. Does the town condone employee use of marijuana?

No schools are in Minturn except VSSA, which sits by itself on the far outskirts of town. Our council members let all the other Minturn schools shut down.

By regulating it, we can better control it and get the revenue from it to improve our town. But as it now stands there is too much inconsistency, unfairness, lack of enforcement and just not enough communication on legal use of marijuana.

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So there is my viewpoint on marijuana. On a personal note, I do not smoke marijuana nor do I use any other drugs.

But the citizens have voted to allow it and that means elected officials have a duty to regulate it, tax it, and provide adequate enforcement so that children do not have easy access to it.

If Minturn citizens want a mayor that will stand up for your rights and tackle the tough issues with honesty, respect and fairness, then you better get out and vote for Frank Lorenti for Minturn mayor on April 8.

It doesn’t take much to walk to the polling place or stop on your way to or from work and cast a quick vote to help preserve your rights. There are more issues that need to be addressed in Minturn, like sidewalks, downtown restrooms, bike path, improving our infrastructure, a historical museum to show off Minturn’s past. These are issues I have been fighting for for years with past council members on and I will follow through on if elected mayor.

Did everyone catch the Utah linking seven resorts article on March 20?

I want a Minturn ski lift to link to Vail and Beaver Creek and if elected mayor will open talks with Vail Resorts, town of Vail, and the Forest Service. Watch for my next letter dealing with this.

I look forward to all comments and questions from Minturn citizens. Go to

Frank Lorenti


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