Vail Daily letter: Minturn unsafe |

Vail Daily letter: Minturn unsafe

I have stayed quite for too long. Minturn is getting worse.

We had a shooting in Minturn a while back, by suspected gunman Jamie Quintana. The correct steps to protect our children and community immediately after the shooting were never taken.

As an example, Gypsum had a shooting and afterwards there were text messages warning people, school lock-downs, check points, people told to lock doors and windows and stay inside.

In Minturn, very low police presence. As a matter of fact, when I drove through town, I saw no police presence, no school lock-downs, parents not warned, no checkpoints.

In the morning hours Minturn has lots of children waiting for school buses. The suspected and possibly armed and dangerous gunman was allowed to walk among children waiting for the school bus with the parents not knowing about this potentially dangerous individual.

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I have kids and live next to the suspect and I was never informed of the situation. I was never told to stay with my kids and stay inside and lock my doors and windows. Remember that in Gypsum people were warned; Minturn was not.

I would like to sit down with Sheriff James Van Beek and Jason Glass with the school district and come up with an emergency plan should anything like this happen again. On Sept. 15, the sheriff wrote a letter to the editor thanking the community and explaining the steps taken to protect them. He did nothing of the sort when the shooting happened in Minturn. This is unacceptable and Minturn council has controlled this town so long that even the police stay out even when kids are in danger.

I went to a Minturn council meeting and voiced my concern, but they refused to take any steps to help protect our children and community.

I am not sure if the shooting was drug-related, gang-related, or just two friends having a one-sided gunfight, but whatever the reason that a longtime local shot another longtime local, it shows that there are deep-rooted problems in Minturn. The shooting suspect fled the scene of the shooting and was not found for hours. So police should have taken the steps they did in Gypsum.

Bottom line is that we need to protect our children, and Minturn council members refuse to protect them or even care about our community.

We need term limits on council members, we need members that actually care about the town they live in and the safety of children.

The sheriff and Jason can contact me at because we need to go around Minturn council in order to protect our kids.

If the sheriff can protect kids and citizens in Gypsum and elsewhere, he can protect us in Minturn.

Currently, the suspect is allowed to roam the streets of Minturn as if nothing happened.

Frank Lorenti


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