Vail Daily letter: Missing a leader |

Vail Daily letter: Missing a leader

I just got off the phone with one of my best friends who is far left in his political ideology (I lean to the right). After having a wonderful discussion of discourse about the politics of the day and remaining friends as always, I sat back for a moment to review our discussion in my head.

Even as best friends we had such different outlooks of what our country is facing. He really thought that the sit-in from the Democrats was important as “we need gun control.” I shared that the Senate had four bills and he stated that it was “just for show.”

At that point I realized what we have been missing the last seven years — a leader. Unfortunately, President Obama only sees his policies as the only way forward. A true leader would put both sides in a room and find where there is common ground and work out a bill that would be a compromise for all parties. A Clinton presidency would be more of the same.

Compromise is what this country needs, not one-sided bullying that we are enduring with this president and Democratic members of Congress.

By the way, I believe we have all the gun laws that are needed.

​Kevin Kenney


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