Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for House |

Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for House

I am writing about The Vail Daily articles detailing the two candidates for Colorado House District 26: Diane Mitsch Bush and Chuck McConnell.

In my opinion, there was nothing substantial in Mr. McConnell’s attacks against Rep. Mitsch Bush’s voting records, just typical political positioning. His statements that she does not represent the district’s best interests could not be further from the truth. And remember, we have a very diverse district that includes agriculture, construction, service, oil/gas, mining, education, tourism and other industries. Diane works hard representing all of us.

Rep. Mitsch Bush is among the hardest-working and even-keeled politicians I have ever met. Her enthusiasm and desire to serve her constituents is genuine and palpable. I have seen her speak firsthand at town hall meetings and watched her work on the legislative floor of the capital building, where she is well respected by all of her colleagues, Democrats and Republicans alike. Her energy is tireless and, when you meet someone like Diane, you know her intentions are altruistic. I don’t think Rep. Mitch Bush has one self-serving bone in her entire body. All it takes is one meeting with Rep. Mitsch Bush to know that you have someone fighting for you in the state capital.

I urge you to research the candidates and not to vote along party lines. Partisan voting is destroying our political process and hinders our ability to put the best people in public office.

I fully support Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush for House District 26. Diane takes a personal, responsible and energetic approach to representing all of our best interests.

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Stephen Sheldon


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