Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for state House |

Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for state House

As a Vail native and current small-business owner in town, I care deeply about Eagle County and closely follow the politics in my hometown. I also care deeply about all of Colorado, and, as I complete my Senate term at the end of this year, I hope to leave our state’s Legislature in good hands for the future.

That’s why I am writing to ask voters to return Diane Mitsch Bush to the House of Representatives.

Diane has left her mark in nearly every area of government from education to the environment. She sponsored a bill that makes it easier for school districts to pay for needed upgrades and building improvements without going into debt. She worked to grant tax breaks to beginning farmers and ranchers to ensure that a Colorado way of life is sustained for future generations. Bills she sponsored protect public lands and recognize their value to the state, and she led the charge to protect the Colorado River and other West Slope waterways and water rights holders from any possible future federal grabs.

In each of these examples, she showed a willingness and ability to work across the aisle with Republicans to get things done for the benefit of all Coloradans.

It’s all second nature to Diane, who has devoted her life to public service, mostly as a volunteer. She worked on behalf of victims of spouse abuse. She served on too many task forces to count, including those examining our state’s transportation needs. She’s also worked with small businesses on chambers of commerce, and served on the Club 20 executive committee, in addition to serving as a Routt County commissioner.

At each stop, she has earned a reputation for regular, thoughtful communication with constituents, and compiled a record of accomplishment.

There is still much work to do in Colorado. Health insurance is too expensive in the mountain communities. Transportation remains a challenge. Our schools still don’t have the resources they need.

Solving these problems will require experienced, committed leaders who are willing to put in the work. Leaders like Diane Mitsch Bush.

I hope you will join me in supporting her for re-election.

State Sen. Mike Johnston


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