Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for state House |

Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for state House

I am proud to support Diane Mitsch Bush’s reelection to the Colorado House of Representatives. Diane builds consensus, is accessible, accountable and responsive. She educates House members from the Eastern Slope about our Western Slope interests and issues, and fights to prevent more transmountain diversions from the Western Slope, including from the Eagle River.

She works with individuals on both sides of the aisle.

Most recently, Diane co-sponsored the bipartisan HB16-1109, which clarified how Colorado Water Law limits the ability of certain federal agencies to require a water right owner, such as a ski area or a municipal water provider, to limit or even relinquish their water rights in exchange for renewal of their permit to use to operate on federal land. In the several years of long negotiations for this bill, she made sure that by-pass flows are protected.

In 2015 she sponsored and championed a bill to keep up the Healthy Rivers Tax Check-off that funds stream management and watershed plans.

Please support Diane.

Rick Sackbauer


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