Vail Daily letter: Mitsch Bush for state House

I read the recent endorsement of Diane Mitsch Bush and couldn’t agree more on the fact that Diane is a strong and well-informed voice for our region in Denver. However, the assertion that she voted “against her district” on a renewable energy bill lacks any clear reasoning. The fact is that voters in Eagle County have solidly supported increases in renewable energy in both direct votes on the issue and in the platforms of the representatives we have elected. We expect our elected representative to do the same. Senate Bill 252 has no actual impact on Eagle County residents, as the local electric utility has significant renewable energy already installed. Furthermore, the local utility company did not take a position opposed to this bill.

Diane had a tough decision to make with mounting rhetoric trying to paint this as an urban vs. rural issue, which is never was. Instead of buying into that, Diane went out of her way to reach out to local utilities and constituents to independently weigh the opinion and effect of this bill in her district. She strongly advocated for any changes that would benefit our area and achieved those. She made the right choice and she’ll continue to do so as a strong voice for Eagle County.

Megan Gilman

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